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Grow With Us! - Building Campaign / Church Projects Fund

Give to others, and God will give to you. Indeed, you will receive a full measure,
a generous helping, poured into your hands - all that you can hold. 
The measure you use for others is the the one that God will use for you. 
   Luke 6:383 


Dear Members and Friends of Our Saviour Church,

In nearly a century of service to our congregation and community, Our Saviour Church has periodically updated its facilities to meet growing needs. At our congregational meeting in December 2008, members voted to approve a plan to modify the sanctuary with a safer entrance facing 93rd Street and a gathering place (a narthex and annex with bathroom), to add a walkway from the parish hall to the sanctuary, and to create storage space. The first phase, the safer entrance and new outdoor sign, is nearly complete. Plans for the remaining phases of this modest building project are in the hands of three contractors.

The fundraising component is underway. At a special congregational meeting in February 2011, members voted to engage Kirby-Smith Associates to help us to raise funds to complete the project in a timely fashion. Their representative, Gary Kulik, has been working closely with us as we have prepared to approach our congregation.

The Fundraising Committee and Church Council have chosen Grow  With Us as our theme. We foresee our growing facilities providing space for spiritual growth as our community gathers in Jesus' name. I encourage you to pray that the Lord will continue to inspire growth at Our Saviour. I invite you to take part in this project by pledging generously and by participating in the Kick-off Event on Sunday, September 11 beginning at 10 AM. Finally, I ask you to commit yourself to Grow With Us in faith and generosity, responding to our good and gracious God.

Yours in Christ's Mission,
The Rev. Dr. Glenn F. Schoenberger


The above letter was written to kick off our Church Building Campaign in 2011. Since then we have completed the campaign and the appointed building projects and have rolled over the balance of donations into a Church Projects Fund. Our current plans include replacing the carpeting in the offices and parish hall and kitchen flooring, insulation of the sanctuary, new boilers mounted above the flood zone thus reducing our flood insurance premiums, replacement of the heater room door, painting of the sanctuary, repair of the stained glass windows.

Thank you to our members and friends who fulfilled their pledge to our Capital Campaign and have continued to support our Church Projects Fund in 2015.

Click here to view an enlarged copy of plans.

2011 Building Project

  • Replace front steps and widen doorway to make a safer access to the Church and seal out cold winter leaks.
  • Increase the size of the present narthex, add a glass partition with wainscot and doors which will provide space to meet and greet members and visitors.
  • The narthex annex will provide additional gathering room for weddings, funerals, and other church functions.
  • A unisex bathroom will be added to the back of the Sanctuary.
  • An exterior hallway will provide access to the parish Hall without going through the Sanctuary and also create a separate Choir Room.
  • A landscaped garden adjacent to the church and exterior hallway will be used for Sunday School classes, weddings, and other outdoor functions.


How Can You Help?  Make a Faith Promise!

Each member and associate member has been mailed a brochure providing an overview of the planned renovations. Please take time to carefully review the information provided and to seriously consider how you can actively participate. This plan will only become reality through the generous, sacrificial support of our members, associate members and friends of our congregation. It goes without saying that we need your personal financial support, as well as your commitment of time and talent.Therefore, every household is being asked to support the Grow With Us Capital Campaign by making a Faith Promise. 

A Faith Promise is a gift that represents sacrifice to support God's work. The Faith Promise gift is in addition to the amount you now regularly commit to Our Saviour. Suggested giving plans are outlined below. It is up to you to decide, with prayerful thought, the Faith Promise from your family.


Campaign Giving Guide

Upfront gift of  $_____  and/or the following:

3 annual gifts of $ ___                           

6 semi-annual gifts of $ ___        

12 quarterly gifts of $ ___              

36 monthly gifts of $ ___                

150 weekly gifts of $ ___

One-time gift of $ ___

______gifts of $ ___

All gifts are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. Checks may be made payable to Our Saviour Church, sent to 9212 Third Ave., Stone Harbor, NJ 08247 with Grow With Us in the memo line. 

In conjunction with your campaign pledge, you may also want to consider making a planned gift, such as a bequest in your will, gift of life insurance, or a charitable trust. To receive more information on planned giving, please contact the church office.

A History of our Progress

As we approach 2014 and the 100th Anniversary of Our Saviour's chartering as a Lutheran congregation, this building project joins a legacy of growth that Our Saviour has successfully undertaken.

Our history reflects the following building projects and acquisitions.
  In 1916, ground was broken for the sanctuary where the first service was held on Easter Day 1917.
  In 1941, the sanctuary was enlarged, adding the chancel and a Sunday School room (the present day choir room).
  In 1949, the first parish hall was dedicated.
  In 1953, the parsonage was completed at the corner of 92nd St. & Third Ave.
  In 1961, the land across Third Avenue was acquired (the present-day parking lot).
  In 1971, the sanctuary was renovated and new lighting and a chancel rail with gates used during communion were added.
  In 1978, the large wall cross and stained-glass panels were dedicated, with the dropped ceiling added the following year and a handicapped ramp in 1982.
  In 1985, construction of the present-day parish hall began.
  In 1987, the property next to the church on 93rd Street was purchased.
  In the late 1990's, siding, a new roof, and air conditioning were added to make the church more comfortable and energy-efficient.

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